Researchers still don’t really know what causes it. All I can tell you is that you wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy. 
Luckily many people outgrow it but not all. In my personal and professional experience, people who tend to be anxious and worry a lot suffer from migraine. 
Worry and anxiety produces cortisol as part of the fight/flight response. Cortisol lowers serotonin which is sometimes known as the Happiness Hormone. Makes complete sense. Lowered serotonin levels are a common denominator amongst migraine sufferers. 
So how do we decrease cortisol to allow more serotonin into the system? 
We can do practical things like, go for a walk. Such a basic, powerful way to start to decrease cortisol. The act of walking coupled with being in a brighter fresher environment starts to release DHEA which is the “mother hormone” an anti-inflammatory hormone which increases serotonin levels. 
However, when you are in the middle of a difficult board meeting, appeasing an important client or dealing with troublesome teenagers, you need more than the usual “de-stress” methods. How can you suddenly meditate, have a relaxing bath or do a bit of yoga in those circumstance? You can’t. Often, by the time you realise what is happening, the moment has passed and you are left feeling irritated, angry, anxious or stymied. 
Things left unsaid, frustrations, anxiety and other worries can lead to a build-up of tension. What the migraine cleverly does is remove you from the environment that caused it. It means that your body has a chance to recover and rest, once the pain and other symptoms have started to recede. Sleep is nature’s cure-all. 
A better solution for you and/or your company is to have an armoury of proactive and preventative tools that reduce the stressors that can trigger the migraine in the first place. 
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